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This Light Therapy LED System Increases Circulation & Pain Relief

Safe & Easy Therapy for  Home Settings

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Energize Your Natural Healing Power

How does the LIGHT work?

When the mitochondria absorbs the photons delivered during the therapy then there is a burst of reactive oxygen species that may trigger some mitochondrial signaling pathways leading to cytoprotective, anti-oxidant, and anti-apoptotic effects in the cells.

The Nitric Oxide that is released by the breakdown of chemical compounds from radiant energy, which acts as a vasodilator as well as a dilator of lymphatic flow. Moreover, Nitric Oxide is also a potent signaling molecule and can activate a number of beneficial cellular pathways as seen below.

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What Makes Us Different

Alarm Clock
Quickest treatment time of any LED light therapy pad.
Image by Casey Horner
Red/Infrared light for ideal penetration and efficacy.
Star Badge
Highest quality and most durable components.
Colorful Dots
LEDS are optimally placed within neoprene pads.
Image by Matteo Fusco
Operates at body temperature, unlike other products.
Image by Branimir Balogović
The most powerful clinical strength LEDs in the market.


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LED Light Benefits

  • Increases Collagen Products

  • Increases Circulation

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Lowering Blood Pressure

  • Wound Healing

  • Injury Recovery

  • Decreases Bloating

  • Pain Management

  • Digestion


Backed by Medical Science

  • According to Dr. Michael Hamblin Massachusetts General Hospital, and leading photomedicine researcher on natural red and NIR light, “ when longer wavelengths or visibly red light hits the skin, it nudges mitochondria to make energy more efficiently and boost production of healing anti-inflammatories or disease-fighting antioxidants.”

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For someone who has had terrible anxiety for years, I no longer feel like my skin is crawling, I'm not talking to myself all day long nor am I worried about the little things. My anxiety is well under control in just 3 weeks, and I'm no longer feeling constant sadness. It has changed my life for the better.


—  Chase R.

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